HIEMESA is a group of companies that are leaders in fabrication, transformation, commercialization and distribution of steel products in Spain, fostering and facilitating the use of steel in different markets.


The distribution stores of the Hiemesa Group focus their business on the commercialization and distribution of all types of steel products in the Iberian Peninsula. The brands that the captains are Antero, Hierros del Mediterráneo and Bellacer.

The SteelMed brand focuses its activities on the commercialization of industrial sheet, strip and coil in commercial at a national and international level. SteelMed offers advanced technology capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements of the automotive, white goods, metal furniture, construction, signaling, fencing, etc. industry.

From the different business areas, Grupo Hiemesa has always opted for internationalization, offering its products and services from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) to the closest neighboring countries. For a few years, our transformation division with Hiansa and Hiansa Panel, have been maintaining this international presence in the south of France and Portugal and North Africa that has been seen increased with the presence in South America.

In all parts of the globe, large and modest projects bear the seal of the Hiemesa Group...



11 Distribution warehouses in Spain
5 4 Distribution warehouses in Portugal and 1 warehouse in Andorra
1 Transformation center in Spain
1 Service centers in Spain
5 3 High-tech profiling lines and 2 panel manufacturing lines
1 Technical office
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  • Solutions in steel constructiono

    A wide experience supports Hierros del Mediterráneo as suppliers of an increasingly demanding and competitive market, in which it is intended to be at the side of our customers solving their problems.

  • Quality in principle ... and until the end

  • Commercial network

    We offer a wide range of distribution centers throughout the peninsula and different international countries, as well as a human team with experience and an organization fully involved in the needs of the client, allow an effective service and a quality consistent with the maximum demand of the sector .







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